About Kantha Quilts

The History of our Kantha Quilts, Throws, Bedding & Blankets

The history of the Sari traces back several thousand years ago on the Indian subcontinent. The sari is a piece of unstitched cloth worn by women by draping over the body in many different ways and styles. This Indian tradition has spread its influence across the globe in modern times and has also expanded its uses to men's clothing, wallets, bags, furniture, quilts, and everything in between. 

Our kantha quilts are hand stitched from recycled sari cloth from India. Kantha actually refers to the type of stitch used in the craft of embroidery. The kantha stitch gives the sari quilts their general wavy, textured quality and is often referred to as a "running stitch." To make a kantha quilt, several saris are layered on top of each other and stitched together creating a wonderfully beautiful vintage style. The stitches exhibit a distinctive rhythm that is part of the “visual signature” of the artist along with the colors, sizes, shapes, and designs of the cloth patches. 

The craft of kantha stitch has always displayed a rich vocabulary of motifs that are anchored in symbolism. These motifs that appear in the various designs of the kantha are significant in their exemplification of the self expression and aspirations of the artisans. Historically serving as sentimental objects, kanthas are still utilized as an art form that is rooted in human connections. In rural India these kanthas are offered to guests in homes as a seat or a place to rest their tea, or simply as an expression of welcome into the home. 

We offer our kanthas to you in the hope that you will feel connected to a deep rooted history of a rich human culture, and that you too will offer your kantha to your house guests in your efforts to find connections and human experience. 

Each Sari Blanket sold benefits the men and women in one of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. We help create a better livelihood for both them and the families who rely on them. These people have been given the chance to rise above their circumstances and take back their humanity.