Noble Dawn Collection

Introducing our Noble Dawn Collection. Behind the name: 'Noble' embodies the fine personal qualities and high moral principles that our products represent, while 'Dawn' signifies the start of a new day, symbolizing how our products inspire intention and presence in everyday life.

Additionally, 'Dawn' is an anagram of my dad's name. Everything we create is meaningful and carries significance behind it. To me, the essence of life is family, and it's an honor to dedicate this collection to my dad. He is also the sweet soul who hand stamps our Leather Loop Towel Ring.

Designed in Montana and handcrafted by our artisan partners in India, each piece in this collection bears the unique mark of its handcrafted nature. You'll find hardworking items that blend form and function, with finishes that will beautifully patina over time, ensuring that each piece only improves with age.

Enjoy! xx, Nicole