About Us

Our Story

We are a small, family-run business nestled in Bozeman, Montana. Founded in 2009 by a husband and wife team, our venture has thrived under Nicole's stewardship, a fourth-generation Montanan. As the curator, owner, and founder, Nicole's path was profoundly shaped by the loss of her mother to cancer, a life event that instilled in her the importance of presence and pursuing one's passions. Driven by this philosophy, she began to curate a collection of handcrafted homewares that marry practicality with elegance.

Initially, Thomas lent his support in logistics before transitioning to a career in technology sales, a skill set that would later prove invaluable to the business. After years of growth, navigating challenges, and refining her vision, Nicole found the business's expanding needs too much to manage solo. Thomas has rejoined, applying his technology and logistics skillset.

Our journey began as Connected Goods, and over the years, as our community expanded and our direction sharpened, we felt compelled to align our identity more closely with our story. Remaining faithful to our original vision, we have evolved into Roan Iris — where utility meets artistry and function meets beauty.

Behind The Name

Roan Iris is an anagram created from Nicole's mother's name. Her love for creating meaningful spaces lives on in Nicole, and she was instrumental in shaping who Nicole is today. She is honored to be able to pay homage to her mother in this way. Roan is also a nod to Nicole's Montana roots. She greatly admired her family's horse during her youth, and with this name, she completes a meaningful circle, deeply connecting her past to her present. Two species of iris grow in Montana - the Rocky Mountain Iris and Yellowflag. The iris symbolizes wisdom, friendship, faith, hope, passion, and purity, all of which resonate with the brand's values.

Our Why

Roan Iris believes in honoring imperfections, elevating the human spirit, and fostering relationships through artisan goods. We support generational craftsmanship by circulating artisan goods and heirlooms that weave joy, presence, and connection into every aspect of life. Every texture, fiber, and unique mark of a hand is what we cherish. These elements remind us of the human hands that crafted the item and the stories they embody. Our mantra is to possess only items that are truly loved, found beautiful, and considered useful. We aim for our treasures to inspire appreciation, presence, and joy in any home, hoping our community values our approach, which is both functional and deeply meaningful.


We believe in honoring imperfections, elevating the human spirit, and fostering relationships through artisan goods.


Meet Nicole

Founder & Creative Director

A love for interiors, meaningful spaces, and an admiration for the artistry of craftsmanship in working hands have spurred and driven me to where I am today. Watching my parents meticulously repair and rejuvenate antique furniture inspired me to pay attention to the finer details. They instilled in me discipline, love, and laughter, and for that, I am forever grateful.

I choose adventure over rest, aiming to live life to the fullest, as we only get one. I am motivated daily to improve and be better for my two young children. Every morning, I encourage them to look outside and admire the beauty around us—the mountains, flowers, and deer (even when they're feasting on my hydrangeas), the sun, rainbows, clouds, rain, fog, and snow. We live amidst magic and beauty, and my hope is that they never lose sight of what inspires them. I want nothing more than for their hearts, legs, and minds to be as wild and free as the terrain surrounding us.


Meet Thomas

Founder & Logistics

Originally from South Carolina and Washington D.C., I now call Montana home, living here with Nicole and our two children. The landscape is perpetually breathtaking, and my admiration and respect for this area run deep. Having grown up in a large extended family, I developed a love for engaging in conversations and exploring thought-provoking ideas. Reading is my passion, and I seize any free 10-minute interval to indulge in it.

I am immensely proud of the accomplishments Nicole has achieved over the years and am thrilled to support her in areas of the business where I can lend my expertise.

Daily, I find myself in awe of my children's minds. They are creative, silly, smart, and humbling. Raising them in such an incredible area and community brings me immense happiness.

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We are excited to announce that our flagship brick-and-mortar is coming later this year to our hometown of Bozeman, MT.


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Noble Dawn: Our in-house collection designed in Montana and handcrafted by our artisan partners in India.


We offer artisan goods and heirlooms that weave joy, presence, and connection into every aspect of life.


Roan Iris stands as a tribute to artisans, near and far. Our products celebrate their remarkable talent and preserve the enduring legacy of craftsmanship. Each piece carries a story, and we're excited to share these narratives with you.

Nicole and Thomas